This is the tentative timetable for the meeting.

 Thursday  Friday  Saturday
 9:00  Welcome 
 9:30  Carles Simó  Jim Wright  Roberto Emparan
 10:30   Coffee   Coffee   Coffee 
 11:00   Geometry and Mathematical Physics
 11:00 J.I. Burgos
 12:00 E. Miranda
 Mathematical Biology
 11:00 M. Casanellas
 11:40 N. Popovic
 12:20 J. Ripoll
 11:00 J. Pau
 11:30 S. Hwang
 12:00 J. Martin
 12:30 J. Bosa
 Geometric Group Theory
 11:00 A. Piggott
 11:40 A. Thomas
 12:20 I. Kazachkov
 Geometry and Mathematical Physics
 11:00 A. Winter
 12:00 J.I. Latorre
 Mathematical Biology
 11:00 A. Korobeinikov
 11:40 M. Ptashnyk
 12:20 T. Antal
 13:00  Lunch  Lunch  Lunch
 15:00  Enric Ventura  Istvan Gyongy  Stochastics
 15:00 E. Nualart
 15:40 G. Lord
 16:25 S. Sabanis
 15:00 L. Watson
 15:40 I. Gálvez
 16:20 R. Hepworth
 16:00  Coffee  Coffee
 16:30  Analysis
 16:30 M. Dindos
 17:10 J.G. Llorente
 17:50 H. Gimperlein
 Geometric Group Theory
 16:30 Y. Antolín
 17:10 C. Bleak
 17:50 P. Burillo
 16:30 L. Quer-Sardanyons
 17:15 S. Foss
 17:55 A. Alabert
 16:30 J. Porti
 17:10 S. Adams-Florou
 17:50 C. Broto
 18:30  Poster session
 20:00  Dinner

The Catalan and the Edinburgh Mathematical Society invite participants to their first joint meeting. The meeting will focus on research areas of current interest for the two scientific communities. Plenary speakers and thematic sessions have been selected by the Scientific Committee of the meeting. Special thanks are due to the organizers of the thematic sessions and to the local mathematical communities for their support of this meeting.